About me


I’m Cheryl and I’m a (late) 70’s baby who’s firmly Generation X and definitely not a Millenial so taking some time to get to grips with the technology of having a blog site. Despite that I decided to just get on with it anyway.

So what about my life do I think I can share that will be of interest to you? Take a look and see what piques your interest. I have a wide range of interests (well not really – just a few things that are wildly different) so you can read up about my financial habits, my desire to get fit, wanting to lose weight, trying to be an organised working mother and also my quest to be an awesome School Business Leader. I’m sure other topics will surface as they come to mind and I’m open to suggestions and discussion so please contact me if you feel the urge.

I will be posting regular blog posts so click here to read the latest one. You can filter by subject of interest using the drop down at the bottom of the page.

Happy reading!