It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

A few weeks ago I tweeted about how long this half term felt and how Christmas was so far away. This past week the music leader in my school sent an email round to let everyone know that Christmas Concert song practice would start in December. It’s an unwritten rule at my school that we don’t mention the ‘C’ word until November has gone.

As my office is right near the lower hall and the Early Years Unit I’ll be listening to song practice all day, every day for the next 2.5 weeks until the big show. It will make a nice change from the news programmes I used listen to on my radio whilst beavering away.

So my first task of the week will be to orchestrate the putting up of our Christmas trees. One in the lower hall and one in the upper hall. Then as usual I need to persuade someone suitably creative to decorate it (because I would certainly make a hash of it!)

Aside from all the decorating and gearing up to our annual choir outing to Carols In The Square I am trying to thing strategically about what the next 15 school days. Someone asked the question on Twitter last week “what can you achieve in the next 15 days”. That prompted me to stop thinking about how quickly I’m hurtling towards the last day of term and step back a bit. I’ve revisited my list of what I wanted to achieve this term (what was I thinking when I compiled such a huge list!) Anyway I’ve re-prioritised and now I clearer about what I absolutely must get done versus the “would be nice to get done”. I’ve included in my list “go to Christmas Concert”. It’s one of the nice things about being the a primary school so I won’t be one of those locking my door and trying to ignore the festivities. It’s lovely to see.

Famous last words but I’m looking forward to a calm but focused 3 weeks ending with a new list left on my desk for me to hit the ground running in January. I can do this.

What do the last weeks of term hold for you?

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