We are wonderful

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve discovered just how wonderful SBMs are. Recent weeks had been very HR focused for me (recruiting is not my favourite part of the job but that’s life). More and more I was starting to fall into a pattern of coming in super early and either working solidly until clocking off time or taking the most minuscule of lunch breaks before getting back to it. It started to take its toll and before long I was feeling wiped out at the end of each day.

I decided to make more of an effort, not only to take a lunch break, but to get out of the building and walk for a while. However, I needed the motivation to do it. Posting about my #SBMLunch on Twitter wasn’t quite enough.

It was from this need for motivation that the #SBMFitbitChallenge was born. I put a call out for fellow Fitbit wearing SBMs to join me in a work week challenge to see who could clock up the most steps. Quite a few were up for the challenge. Before I knew it I had the motivation I needed and was being more active around school as well as getting out for lunch. It worked!

Fast forward to the last week of term 5 and had gone one step further. GLS Education offered to sponsor the challenge and the possibility of winning a £100 voucher many more SBMs threw their hats into the ring. Game on!

Everyone wanted to win but what really resonated with me was the level of encouragement on Twitter. People in and out of challenge daily offered praise and support to all the participants. It was heartening so see that everyone was grateful for the reminder and push they needed to move more during the day.

We all recognise that we need to look after ourselves more but it’s sometimes easier said than done. During that week there were 28 SBMs taking part and by the end we had taken an astonishing 1.3m steps. I’m proud of my contribution to that which mostly consisted of before work walks and lunch time strolls.

GLS Education is just the first company to come forward to offer sponsorship but I would like to think that there are many more waiting in the wings to play a part in improving SBM wellbeing. Even without sponsors however we have a community of SBMs who continue to support and encourage each other. I look around and think “we are wonderful, aren’t we?” 😉

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