Business managers – how do you plan?

First week of school over and boy it felt like a long week! This year I will be making sure I take some time to reflect at the end of each week. This is all part of quest to become an awesome SBM (which I can’t be if I have no idea what I doing now or next!)

I’ve become a dedicated “planner” over the summer and made myself a bespoke SBM planner. I started off with a customisable Arc notebook from Staples and have been tweaking it continuously to get it just right (with the help of free printable inserts I’ve found online).

As it stands now it has a set of monthly pages so I can plot my goals for the year and see easily what needs to be achieved each half term. The diary pages are a week to two pages but the days are vertical with a notes section at the bottom of each day. I love being able to view my whole week at a glance and I use the notes section for jotting down whole school things or cover arrangements I need to make.

Then I have a section for note paper, it’s just easier to have everything in one book as opposed to carrying round a diary and a notebook. Then my favourite section is my Project planning section. This is where I document the projects I’m working on, steps to be taken, key dates and progress so far. It’s good visual reminder for me not to try and take on too much at once. I found really great printables online for this section.

My planner is helping me to keep things in order and stops my brain from being so overloaded. At the end of each week I go through each section – diary, notes, project plans and pick things out to add the to do list for the following week. I would say it’s transformed my way of working but then it’s only week 1. We’ll see how that goes…

I came across a twitter account called The Positive Teacher Co. This is a teacher who makes bespoke planners for teachers to order. I asked whether she could do one for School Business Managers and of course her response was positive (see what I did there 😉)

So I’m putting together a list of things I’d like in my SBM planner in the hopes that we can collaborate and I can get my very own made to order planner. Yes, it’s the small things that excite me.

So fellow Business Managers, I’d love to know how you plan and what you’d like to see in a planner. What tips and tricks do you have for keeping on top of everything?

Drop me a line or leave a comment.

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11 Replies to “Business managers – how do you plan?”

  1. I have a drawer with 31 files for days and 12 for Months. That can help keep my desk clear, although it takes a super human effort to do that.
    My diary is full of work and leisure activities in equal measure with lots of things to look forward to. This keeps me balanced and looking forward.

    With no two days the same let alone months or annual deadlines, life as a business leader is certainly full, arduous, stressful and fun, and rewarding-not always in equal measure though 🤗😞😤

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  2. Hi. Great blog. I too like planning and have tried to get better at it. I use a standard A5 week to view diary for both home and work. I really like your layout as not only can you make notes and review at the bottom but you can also see what you are doing across the time. This could highlight your busiest periods and aid planning. I have tried a Filofax system before but felt it got too messy. Plus my handwriting is not the best. This is why I’ve tried to do my to do and projects digitally and use Swipes app. Not entirely perfect and still a work in progress. Would ideally want a planner that fits in my handbag. All of this is in conjunction with the getting things done (GTD) process. Would love to see a planner to trial it if it means that my planning improves.

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  3. Love the idea of an SBM planner! I’ve looked at Positive Teacher website before & thought that nothing quite fitted my needs. Would be very interested to hear more on the project!

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  4. I’m so pleased to hear this is in development having worked with a very strict on line diary system in a previous life I’ve really struggled to find anything to keep my SBM plate spinning in order! I love the projects page, maybe somewhere for a timetable, I assist with duties and cover so would be great to have those in there. Also I know it’s retro but what about useful contact numbers? Also what about main contractors names, numbers, annual cost, expiry date of contract, how payment is made. I wish you lots of luck with this and please let me know when it’s done as I’d love to be the first customer!!

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